Dominos DXP Delivery Car

Domino’s Delivery Car With Onboard Oven

Have you ever ordered pizza, and by the time it’s delivered it’s only lukewarm? Well this won’t be an issue with Domino’s new ‘DXP’ (Delivery Expert) cars that have been fitted with onboard ovens.
Last month Domino’s announced they will partner with GM and two US-based engineering companies to build the ultimate pizza delivery machine. The DXP concept design is actually the result of an online competition held by Domino’s Pizza. Thousands of concepts were submitted from amateurs to professional graphic designers, and ultimately, Domino’s decided on the Chevy Spark as the vehicle’s platform.
The list of modifications to the vehicle is fairly extensive, with 176 unique parts used on the DXP. On the vehicle’s exterior there’s a new grille with the Domino’s logo, a custom paint job and a roof-top sign that lights up when the vehicle’s filled with pizza, similar to how a cab-top sign lights up when it has a fare. Except there isn’t room for any passengers in this vehicle, unless you’re a pizza.
Inside the vehicle, all seats except the driver’s have been removed and replaced by specially built plastic trays and holders that can accommodate up to 80 pizzas. The left rear passenger door has been removed, and in its place is a 140° pizza-warming oven with an exterior access door that raises above the roof at the touch of a key fob. The oven can fit four pizzas and even has separate compartments for drinks, wings and napkins.
The vehicles will be rolled out in the US first, then UK, and will set franchisees back $20-25,000 USD. ($35,280 AUD)