Jeep Integrated Nav
Integrated Nav screen shots - iGo Primo 2.0 ScreenshotIntegrated Nav screen shots - iGo Primo 2.0 ScreenshotIntegrated Nav screen shots - iGo Primo 2.0 Screenshot

Jeep Integrated Navigation

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  • 3D High definition Australia-wide mapping
  • Premium POI database
  • 2D or 3D map view with Smart Zoom
  • Realistic display of 3D terrains and 3D landmarks
  • Text-to-Speech Function (TTS)
  • Eco and Smart Route Planning The trip computer can display up to three additional pieces of information. Choose between arrival time, journey time, speed, direction, height above sea level, etc.
  • Visual and audible warning to indicate speed limits on major roads
  • Proximity alerts for school zones, fixed speed cameras etc.
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  1. Seamless integration maintains the original look and feel of your vehicle
  2. Retains factory functionality and controls

HEMA 4WD Map Upgrade
The ultimate optional upgrade for any 4WD enthusiast.

  • Plan trips with customized waypoints and routes
  • Record a track log of your journey
  • A moving map display tracks your location on award winning Hema maps
  • Detailed 4WD and touring maps for Australia’s many iconic and lesser-known off-road journeys
  • Australia-wide touring and topographical mapping at varying scales
  • Hema has field-checked over 300,000 kms of outback roads and tracks to ensure their maps are accurate